GLAS: Global Life Alignment System

GLAS is a simple and effective framework that enables you to do better, be better and feel better in all aspects of life.
It will allow you to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and find fulfilment. From discovering where you are and knowing where you want to go, you can create your ideal strategy to move forwards.

With 7 core elements, the framework can be delivered through programmes, products or can be specifically tailored to your needs.

We work with: corporate clients, teams, family and owner-managed businesses, charities, advisory firms, coaches, individuals, sports and well-being, families and children. We can also develop solutions to enable you to deliver directly to clients. To further support our products and services we have a series of tools. All can be created as a modular, or full approach to suit you.

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Find Balance

97% of us struggle to find balance in our busy lives due to a variety of reasons. This is where GLAS begins. Understanding the elements is a step towards fulfilment and gaining control with work, relationships and life. It’s also where you can best create the results you want (both in business and otherwise).

When you feel balanced, everything else improves.



Build Structure

Understand and develop a structure to suit your every need; at work, at home, in life, in your team, in sport, or with specific challenges/projects.

GLAS can even help build a structure for improved decision making and communication, career development or even raising a family.



Gain Control

Many of our clients approach us because they are stuck, lost or overwhelmed. We provide you with the tools to pause and undo how things are, then redesign how you want them to be.

Our approach is one of empowering you in all aspects of life.



Align and Realign

Once you have discovered the structure you want, you can build a way to ensure you stay on course and are able to adjust effectively when impacted.

We help you to lead your life, business, and relationships in a conscious and enjoyable way.



Find Purpose

Whether you are searching for a sense of personal purpose or to help your business focus on the future, we can help you to gain clarity and take control of what’s ahead.


Purpose Cards are created to help individuals to focus on what matters most. They are designed around the ‘why’ for themselves personally, or as teams, projects, and/or for their businesses. The images below are some of our client’s Purpose Card designs.

On average, we help our clients find their ‘why’ within 20 minutes,
though that’s only a small part of the story…

Building and leveraging your purpose (personal, projects or professional) is an in-depth process we’ve developed. The images and words are a beautiful way of showing a small part of what our clients focus on. We help you to see how you can connect your purpose to your life and use it to steer your course. The same is the case in business and projects.



While GLAS is suitable for everyone and in can be used every situation, we’ve made it simple by breaking it down into the most common uses.



Personal support: one life

We can take individuals - with a range of backgrounds and requirements - through the GLAS Base Programme, or design a GLAS Build solution with modules tailored according to their personal focus. Typically, we work one-on-one in person, but on request we can also deliver via video call.


Teams and Groups

developing culture to planning succession

GLAS is perfect for developing and enhancing teams, relationships and culture. From aligning individual team members, to focusing on team projects and outcomes, the GLAS Base, Pace and Build Programmes are perfect. Each team member can benefit personally as well as the collective group.


HR, Talent Management and Leaders

Developing your talent

By focusing on a specific area of GLAS, it can easily support the development of human capital. Our hope is that we can develop the trainer to deliver directly within businesses and organisations.

This can be achieved through using our products and / or services, alongside us working with you to build a solution.


Family and Owner Managed Businesses

future proofing, alignment and dynamics

We often help those transitioning in leadership and ownership - whether in founding generations, family investors, management teams, or with non-family executives. GLAS was originally designed to help and support family businesses in a changing world. Business and family have differing requirements.

We can also provide training for those advisors working with family businesses to provide the framework and tools required to deliver a profound and desired impact.


Business and Organisations

helping drive growth

GLAS can as easily be applied to designing a business strategy as it can to an individual and aspects of their life. From gaining a business purpose through to understanding who you are and where you want to go, we work with you to develop a plan that will enable growth, increased value and protect a fulfilled future. GLAS is a framework used to increase stakeholder value, culture, merge, exit and acquire. We can work to support investors, boards of directors and strategies.


Specific Projects

BuilDing a solution for you

GLAS is a flexible and collaborative framework, and so we can seamlessly use it - alongside the GLAS methodology - to navigate any type of project. From helping charities to delivering specific workshops, such as kindness or survival.

We love developing GLAS as a hybrid approach for advisors, educators and organisations - with the ability to tailor programmes to any person or situation.



There are a number of ways of working with GLAS, but all start with getting to know each other and building a relationshiP.

The design of our framework means it can be embedded into ORGANISATIONS and we strongly believe in our purpose of impact. Together, we can impact many more lives and businesses.

GLAS can be customised so that you can deliver it within your business or organisation. By combining GLAS with your area of expertise, you can take some or all of the framework to make a real impact.


Business & Personal Coaches

Whether it’s all or part of GLAS, the framework can provide you with an outstanding tool kit to use with your clients. By combining our tools and products with your experience and expertise, you will be able to deliver a consistent and flexible solution.


Professional Advisors

We have developed hybrid GLAS solutions alongside several professional service providers, including accountants and lawyers. GLAS is both flexible and powerful and can assist even the best professional advisors deliver a truly valuable service with greater depth and breadth.

We are especially open to working with brand agencies, banks, accountants, business advisors and wealth planners.


Teachers & Education

We can deliver standard assemblies and workshops to your students or develop a bespoke programme for, and with you.

GLAS Adventurers can be adapted for you to deliver directly to your students.