INSPIRE - be the change

This is my personal purpose and my focus each and every day - as an entrepreneur and as a mother, as a friend and as a human. For many years I felt lost, busy being manic and “stuck in doing”. I allowed myself to be defined externally; by results, what others thought of me and my family’s business. These formed my identity, my purpose, my relationships, what I did and how I interacted with the world. When the business was gone I was forced to change things.

I developed GLAS to help me. I then used this to help others.

I realised that the lessons of yesterday shape the dreams of tomorrow and opportunities of today.
— Dani Saveker

dani’s story

Dani was formerly a fourth generation CEO in her family’s manufacturing business, where she spearheaded a major management and shareholder restructure, led a recovery plan following a devastating fire, learned to weld, electroplate and polish, carried out an MBO, made her uncle and cousin redundant, acquired businesses and managed multiple sites. 

She is a much sort after public speaker, illustrator, coach and mentor as well as performing her “day job”. Feel free to contact the team if you’d like to discuss any of the content, for commissions or speaking opportunities.

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visual synopsis

Dani has always loved drawing and taking very visual notes. She combines this with an ability to absorb, synthesise and interpret information in a simple and precise way.  This work supports her GLAS research.


GLAS Adventurers

GLAS is suitable for any age – but where better to try and make an impact than future leaders, employees, parents, Olympians, neighbours…

The starting point for GLAS with children is to provide a simpler and more accessible language for each of the 5 Principal Elements and how to connect these.

GLAS Adventurers gain stickers, visit planets and explore their universe learning as they go.



Based on over 20 years research, work and experience, Dani developed a framework to help her navigate personally and professionally. This is now the central piece of all her work and life.


inspire kindness

Dani started doing random acts of kindness on 1st January 2016. This was for several reasons, one being the development of GLAS and another was to to introduce more kindness into her own life.

She’s now completed well over 1000 consecutive days of kindness and speaks on the subject.


Families in business

This is where Dani’s first steps took her following the closure of her family’s business in 2009. FIB was created to provide the support she knew was missing for family owned and managed businesses.



VPA (Visual Perception Analysis) was a technique Dani developed to help highlight misalignment and differing perspectives in teams and families.

It was based on her research showing that we see just 10% of things with our eyes, 90% comes from our brains.