our ethos

GLAS is built on a need to provide structure to enable advancement - physically, personally and professionally. We have spent many years researching and developing the framework and it incorporates a wide range of concepts and philosophies, all of which are rooted in, and inspired by, nature. We believe that life, and all of its components, are a circular system that requires everything to be as balanced and aligned as possible.

So much of life is about “doing”, surviving and quick fixes.
It’s time for us all to:

Improve innovation and creativity
Accelerate growth and success with direction and passion
Equip individuals, teams and business to be proactive

Develop amazing communication
Build cultures of empathy, understanding and kindness
Energize performance and output

Gain confidence and clarity
Discover purpose and identity
Gain a sense of balance, alignment and perspective

our story


The story of how GLAS came to be is deeply rooted in Dani’s family business; T Saveker Limited. You can read more about that here but needless to say there are many highs and lows that helped shape what we now call GLAS; the Global Life Alignment System.

“There is never really an end or a beginning”

The reason that Dani created the framework was initially to help find answers in her own story - why did the family firm close after 106 years? Having given many talks on the subject, she was always asked the question: “what could have been done differently?”.

GLAS allowed her to go on a journey of discovery and find that the key lay in alignment.

From not just looking at her own family’s story, but hundreds of other family and owner-managed businesses, she hit upon the beginnings of the framework. She began by firstly identifying what happened when these businesses were successful and also when things didn’t work.

She soon found that there wasn’t anything to help these businesses with their alignment, especially as it wasn’t as straightforward as she first thought. There were 5 areas that always presented themselves. These became the 5 Principle Elements of GLAS.

By using the framework with many family businesses, she came to realise that it’s elements can be applied across all areas of life; for any generation and age, and to support any issue or opportunity.

In a fast paced, changing and challenging world, we have never been in more need of simplicity and methods of coping. From mental health concerns to career development, we may know that we should find a purpose (just as Simon Sinek said in Start with Why), but there’s more to it - including “how do you find your purpose?” and “how do you use it when you’ve found it?”.

The 5 Principal Elements cover; identity, relating, doing, impact and purpose. Depending on who we are talking to and in what context we can adapt each to become relevant - from executives to 5 year olds, and from Olympians to parents.

our team


will hemming - director

My purpose is ADVENTURE

Dani Saveker- ceo

I’m Dani (pronounced DAY-NEE) and GLAS was something I designed to deal with the challenges I was facing personally and professional, especially in a family business.

My journey allowed me to learn to weld, electroplate, metal polishing and fabrication as well as negotiating with trade unions. I always wanted to run my own business and while I thought the MBO I carried out felt like I was gaining a business, I discovered it was more that I was a guardian of my great grandfather’s dreams. I now love sharing the many highs and lows that sit behind the framework I developed over 20 years.

My purpose is INSPIRE



My purpose is PLAY

CARLY BROWN - executive assistant

My purpose is STRUCTURE


MICHELLE ARPIN BEGINA - head of USA & mentor

My purpose is AUTHENTIC



My purpose is HARMONY

lauren ayers - head of australia & mentor

My purpose is FREE


RUTH GAVIRA - mentor (New York, USA)

My purpose is BELIEVE


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