We have found that life, business, challenges, relationships, projects and much more can be looked at through 5 Principle Elements…

“Once you see the 5 colours of GLAS through the Principles, you’ll never look at anything in the same way again!”


The Principle 5…

Once you understand what these are and where/how they appear - you can begin to understand the interconnectivity of them. The Principles provide the structure for everything from strategies to conversations and from marketing to designing a life that’s fulfilling.

The first thing we focus on with clients is that we are naturally steered towards SURVIVING. The way we live - education to careers, relationships and behaviour - are based on ‘what we DO’. We aim to get through the day, eat, sleep and repeat. Keeping busy means we can avoid dealing with the past and painful things.

DOING (or how we spend our time) is one of the 5 Principles and the one that most of us focus on. We help people to realise that, in order to improve anything and achieve better outcomes, they need to change their focus.

Everything we DO involves people and so another of the Principle Elements is RELATE.

Of course relationships involve individuals and so we consider the Principle Element of IDENTITY.

What we do will always be impacted and impact, directly or indirectly, and so another of the Principle Elements is EXTERNAL.

The final of the 5 Principle Elements is based on understanding why - this gives us PURPOSE.

Each of these Principle Elements has 5 components to help drive more depth and understanding.

The Principle Elements, Connector and Guide can also be adapted, through use of context and language, for children, corporate organisations, in sport and in life and with family businesses. The Framework is flexible and collaborative, meaning you can use it in conjunction with other approaches as well as on its own.


Identifying words when imbalanced (succumb)

Identifying words when imbalanced (succumb)

Identifying words when balanced

Identifying words when balanced

Identifying words when imbalanced (over-compensate)

Identifying words when imbalanced (over-compensate)

The Principle Elements need to be aligned. When they are, we know certain words can be associated and identified. Equally with misalignment, the same is true - however, we can misalign in two ways; we can succumb and we can over-compensate. Either way there is a clear imbalance. Left over time, misalignment is damaging.

We’ve shown you the basic GLAS Words above but there’s much more to this.