GLAS Colors

Set of stabilo pens to draw your own glas framework

GLAS Colors are an important part of the GLAS kit and can be bought separately - so you always have the colors to hand!

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GLAS Discovery Kit

A simple way of designing your chosen outcomes

The GLAS Discovery Kit can be used in a wide variety of ways but is generally recommended as the first step in setting the scene, understanding and designing context and focusing the mind; for individuals, teams, groups and businesses.

The kit can be used to support the design of strategies and positioning of: brands, projects, business plans and much more. It can even be used to help debrief events and plan for the future.

The GLAS Discovery Kit includes:
User guide
- GLAS Word Cards
- GLAS Outcome Cards
- GLAS Discovery Questions
- GLAS Discovery Response template

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GLAS Words Set

set of specially designed words with multiple uses

We have recognised over the past 20+ years that there are common words that present themselves when people of all ages and background are aligned, be it in teams, families or business. We also discovered that there were common words used, implicitly or explicitly, when they were not aligned.

The GLAS Group developed a very straightforward set of cards which captured these words, and we continue to use the GLAS Words Set in a wide variety of ways with clients and even our own team.

The GLAS Words Set includes:
User guide
- GLAS Word Cards (54)

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SET OF images to enable a greater depth of work and engagement

We have taken our most popular imagery from the Visual Perception Process and have presented it in a way that you can use. As with all our tools and products, we can guide you in how we use these, but many coaches and advisors can also add their own expertise and experience.

See the Visual Perception Analysis (VPA) section on the tools page, or click here to read more about VPA and why we use it.

The GLAS VPA Set includes:
User guide
- GLAS Basic Image Cards (10)
- Guiding Question Set

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GLAS Freeplay

A quick and free exploration of Visual Perception ANALYSIS (VPA)

GLAS Freeplay is a simple way of sampling the VPA tool we use within our work. It’s available as an online process and is quick and easy to answer a few questions. You will be sent a follow-up report free of charge. Give it a try!