GLAS Base Programme - Individuals

from finding your purpose to designing the map to get there

The GLAS Base Programme provides a solid awareness of the framework’s 15 Elements and how they interconnect. From here you’ll design the direction (purpose) you wish to go and, by matching your sense of identity, you’ll have the confidence to move forwards at the pace you choose. Our clients see immediate benefits from the first session and grow in confidence and fulfilment with every session that follows.

The GLAS Base Programme for individuals is ideal for business leaders, entrepreneurs, people facing challenges or wishing to seize opportunities. It is particularly valuable when faced with decisions and transition or facing change; relationship issues, career direction, retirement, recovery and so on. Equally, many of our clients complete this programme in the hope of simply gaining a sense of control and clarity, wishing to find their purpose and enhance various aspects of life.

Base runs at an agreed schedule to suit you. A full Base Programme is structured in half-day sessions, ideally with one session per week, steadily moving to monthly over a 6 or 12 month period. This is flexible and can be tailored.

We can offer a fast track version, although this doesn’t have the full depth. We can help advise you on what approach might be the best based on your requirements.

We can run a one-off session as a starting point. The first step is always to have a conversation and establish what will be best for you.


GLAS Pace Programme - Teams

Building focus and alignment for groups, teams and relationships

Very similar to the Base Programme, Pace aims to enhance the effectiveness and collaboration of teams - including teams in: business, families, boards of directors, investors, sports, teaching staff, charities and more.

We can combine the Base Programme; working with individuals within the team to find their own purpose and alignment, and then develop this into the Pace Programme; designing the team you strive to be.

Typically a Pace Programme will run over 12 months, but it can be shaped to suit the size of team, specific requirements and focus. As with the Base Programme above, there are instant benefits for both the individuals and the team.

Pace Programmes are ideal for developing and improving your culture while strengthening alignment, and can be rolled out across a whole business.

We also offer a fast track approach for teams who may have a specific and more urgent requirement. We can discuss this with you to ensure we schedule the right approach for you.


GLAS Build

Ideal for family businesses, branding, challenges and specific needs.

GLAS Build is a bespoke package that we create based on specific requirements; whether for individuals, teams, projects such as brand and positioning, health and fitness, relationships, family businesses (in which we have particular expertise) or organisation.

It is aimed at meeting a full array of challenges and needs, and while it uses many of the elements of the standard Base and Pace Programmes; it is completely built around you. This can be described as the ‘consultancy’ offer for GLAS.

Each project is unique and is built to suit your budget, time, method and pace of delivery.


GLAS Architect

working with you to take concept to solution

Any or all of the GLAS framework, including products, services and tools, can be developed as a hybrid / white label version for people to use within their own areas of expertise and organisations.

This can be used in: wealth planning, education, charities, corporate work, coaching and consulting, banking, legal services, accountancy and in many other areas. The concept is that you become able to deliver some or all of the GLAS elements and methodology to support your own services.


GLAS Adventurers

for children and young adults, schools and education

We have developed a GLAS framework and methodology that can be used with children and young people to help gain a sense of identity and purpose. This aims to focus primarily on building their confidence and underpinning the development of their character in a positive and fulfilling way.

The GLAS Adventurers approach is one that we can combine with training teaching staff and parents / carers, to enable individuals to deliver the GLAS elements themselves.

The Adventurers Programme includes beautifully designed booklets and stickers, and can be tailored to match curriculum requirements.


Talks and Workshops

from press and media to corporate environments

Our team are highly skilled public speakers and are regularly asked to contribute to publications, as well as having featured in national radio, television and online media.

We can develop sessions, features and workshops to suit a wide range of needs and requirements as part of a programme or as a one off.