In our clients words…

“GLAS helped me realise the importance of purpose for me and my business.”

  • business founder

“GLAS showed me how much more choice and influence I actually have – I hadn’t realised”

  • Private client
    senior banking executive

“I now know that my self-perception actually has a significant impact on my actions and my relationships – who knew?! It was also great to know that no one has it “all sorted” – it’s just being human”

  • corporate director

“Thank you for your time, support & guidance at our one-to-ones. They are always amazing sessions and I always come away feeling better than when I came.”

  • entrepreneur client

“I’m now equipped to focus on my priorities and my WHY”

  • Entrepreneur

“You truly are an inspiration and this world is a much better place with you and GLAS in it.  Your compassion, vision and advice has literally changed my life and I am constantly thankful to have such a wonderful confidante in my life.”

  • Finance Director
    metal finishing business

“I was amazed at how many people are also seeking a sense of fulfilment, I thought I was on my own!”

  • workshop participant

“It’s so important to achieve and restore balance so that you can carry on being successful in the fullest sense – if you want to make a real impact, you have to start with yourself”

  • company director

“GLAS equips you to deal with whatever comes your way”

  • branding specialist

“The GLAS tools are so simple and yet incredibly impactful”

  • business coach

“I hadn’t been aware of, until now, the importance of the harmony within my team and how it is essential to drive the business forwards. “

  • senior manager
    automotive sector

“I loved that my WHY could be found and that I can now help find our team and business with the overall WHY.”

  • Corporate CEO

“While GLAS benefits my business, I discovered a way to better communicate with my wife too!”

  • business leader

“The Belief process is powerful and cathartic. GLAS can certainly challenge you but it’s amazing fun as you go through the journey. I guess I have to admit being honest with yourself is uplifting and hugely beneficial.”

  • private client