One Framework. One Life. Infinite Possibilities.

The GLAS framework consists of 7 Elements. In essence, anything can be viewed through these elements; projects, teams, businesses, problems, strategies, life…


the 5 PrincipLE elements

These 5 elements are the most important part of GLAS. They allow you to gain a sense of perspective and awareness - and this is where everything changes.

We help you to realise the importance and interconnectivity of these Principle 5.


thE Connecting element

Once you understand the Principle Elements, you’ll need to connect them together. This is where the Connecting Element comes into play.

The Connectors can be referred to as the ‘leadership’ traits to give you direction.


the Guiding Element

Now everything's in the right place and connected we can discover the Guiding Element.

As with business, life and relationships, we continually need to consider how and what guides us and keeps us on track. This is why we have The Guides. These are referred to as the drivers that influence.

The Approach

There are three ways we deliver GLAS to our clients.