In addition to the main products and services we provide, there are numerous tools that further support the framework.


GLAS Balance and Alignment

Building a strong and impactful approach

This is the fundamental principle that sits behind GLAS, it’s elements and methodologies. Everything must be balanced and aligned - as it is in nature. Much of the development of our work looks to nature for inspiration, along with human development and evolution. We go to great lengths to continually explore, reiterate and reapply the very best thinking and research from around the world, to provide a collaborative and resilient framework which addresses facts such as:

97% of people are struggling to balance life

495% increase in antidepressants prescribed in the UK since 1991

We believe that nothing stays in perfect alignment or balance - so we aim to equip clients with the ability to have greater awareness, a language to describe what they experience and how to correct their course through rebalance and realignment.


GLAS Zones

where you are and how to move in a space you choose

We don’t believe in fixed positions within GLAS. In order to provide a far more helpful approach, we help people to understand the 5 zones and how to choose the place you want to be, what to do when you’re not in that space and how those around you move.

The GLAS Zones can be used as a playing field - to design your strategy and approach in all walks of life.


GLAS Interconnect

developing awareness of impact and consequences

GLAS uses an understanding of ‘system thinking’ and seeks to help users to gain awareness of source issues and how to navigate issues and challenges.

GLAS Interconnect enhances the realisation of how everything relates to each other, allowing simple and effective choices to drive the changes you wish to experience.


GLAS Colour

Playful and creative, memorable and impactful

Each of the elements within the GLAS Framework are associated with a colour, and when you work with our team you’ll notice they are equipped with coloured pens. This certainly adds interest but is actually more scientific. Look out for the colour. GLAS certainly aims to bring that into your life, relationships and all you do.

Taken from the main 5 Principle Elements of GLAS, it helps provide a language and focus.

GLAS Colour supports the overall GLAS Framework and is a creative and memorable way of using the elements in a structured way.


GLAS Words

simplicity and clarity

Words, and their meaning, play a key part in the framework and our approach. We focus on single words. In addition to this, GLAS strips everything back to it’s simplest form - as this provides the greatest scope and value.

From analysing sentences to looking at verbal and non-verbal cues, words can tell us so much - and not in the way you may be thinking!

By understanding this particular tool, it allows you to gain focus around your communication and focus, as well as that of others - team mates, family etc.


GLAS Enabler

identifying challenges and how to overcome them

GLAS Enabler focuses on uncovering and recognising personal disablers, and building a strategy to overcome them. The process builds a clear guide and action plan as well as an understanding of what can pull you off-course; resulting in misalignment.



focusing on balance and duality

A significant part of GLAS is based around the 5 Connecting Elements, and for each we have a ‘flip’ side. These are not opposites or judged.

In society, and within education and careers, we are taught to look at things as opposites, A or B, black or white - within the GLAS framework and approach, we don’t. We help to explore decisions, choices, situations and thinking through a new lens gaining perspective, awareness and empowerment.


GLAS Drive

providing awareness and motivators for behaviour

GLAS Drive is a simple and clear way to establish the motivations behind our own behaviour and that of others. Without a need to judge or blame, this process can help make sense of what’s happening in all walks of life and business.

Through a quick and effective set of words and understanding, you can gain perspective and the ‘Ah-Ha’ moment!



Improve your focus and sense of balance

Many of us get caught in our ‘to do’ lists, and the GLAS Cup allows us to raise our consciousness of how time is spent and how to re-design this more effectively. It encourages you to consider the interconnectivity of the elements and how to prioritise so that you can make better choices.

GLAS Cup can be used to gain an awareness of how you’re using time and resources, and enhance your consciousness of decision-making. Like many of the GLAS Tools, the GLAS Cup is designed to be simple and effective.



effective process to pause and review, redesign and redo

So often we believe in struggling on in the hope that things will work out and that we can work our way through challenges. We’ve found that the ability to stop and reconsider the approach is hugely valuable. We use GLAS Undo to take individuals through this process of re-evaluation.



Helping to shift position

GLAS Grid enables people, teams and families to identify where they are and then how to build a strategy to develop breadth and depth - providing greater results.

Having a tool that allows a visual indication of where you / your business / products are helps broaden strategies and enable a clear direction. This simple and impactful tool can support awareness and action - to move from where you are to where you want to be.


GLAS Levels

Assess and diagnose gaps and opportunities

GLAS Levels can be used as a stand-alone approach or combined with the GLAS Grid to dive deeper into key areas of projects, life, business and relationships. It raises awareness and allows for focused and progressive discussions.

GLAS Levels can be used to help benchmark businesses and situations while being adjustable to suit any requirement or context.


GLAS Question

true value lies in the question not the answer

Many coaches and executives are taught to ask great questions, however we believe it’s not our questions that matter but more so, those of our clients. We help clients to see their questions as a source of awareness and provide quick techniques to use this in a wonderfully empowering way.

GLAS Question is an approach to working with individuals, teams, families and organisations. It provides a greater perspective and improves everything from team meetings to one-on-one sessions. We also help individuals to use GLAS Question to build self awareness and develop a greater openness to communication.


GLAS Communicate

giving a helping hand to better conversations and understanding

The GLAS Communicate approach is based on an awareness that we tend to fall towards transactional conversations; “how was your day” and a basic one word answer often follows. We discovered that in our busy lives, we jump in, interrupt and try to fix the issues presented by friends, family, partners and colleagues. This simple tool helps to give a structure and approach that fits into busy lives and can transform relationships.

Communication is of critical importance in: connection, life, relationships and business. Whilst we are all aware this, we often struggle to know how to shift from a transacting form of communication. The GLAS Communicate tool provides a way to move forwards.

We believe that this tool is so important, it can save relationships from misalignment and breaking.


GLAS Compound

Making sense of positive and negative impact to benefit you

GLAS Compound supports the system of impact - and the ability to gain perspective and context in our story, from the past, in the present and for the future.



A quick way to review actions and prepare for what’s ahead

GLAS LEAPS is a lovely quick and simple process which can be used by individuals, teams, children and corporate clients, with the aim of helping people to LEAP forwards from where they are to where they want to go. Like many other GLAS approaches, LEAPS is simple and effective and can be adapted to suit any need.


GLAS Decisions

providing clarity and CONFIDENCE to make decisions with ease

GLAS Decisions pulls together many of the other GLAS tools to provide a clear and simple process for decision making. It reduces the emotional blockers while holding you true to values and what you deem to be important when considering which path to choose.

GLAS Decisions is empowering, and enables you to arrive at decisions quickly and effectively.



Visual perception analysis

We developed an approach to help unlock issues, conversations and strategies by using imagery. This is now known as Visual Perception Analysis (VPA).

“One picture is worth ten thousand words.” – Chinese proverb.

Through research and many years of delivering to a wide mix of clients, we understand that most of our beliefs which influence our decisions, emotions and thoughts, are formed in our earliest years (approx. 0-6 years of age) and remain as an unconscious “operating system” for the rest of our lives.

We use the VPA process to unlock thinking, create discussions and ideas and get to the root cause of blocks and challenges as well as focus on the future. Our clients enjoy working with us on a more playful and unusual approach - especially as it delivers incredible value and insights each and every time.